Term 3 Week 1

Welcome to Term 3 :)

Te Ara Tupu Year 1 learners have all had an awesome start to the new term!

This week we got stuck in to our Problem Based Learning - Health and Wellbeing. Miss Woods' whanau group had a blast practising Yoga, while Mrs Whittington's whanau group investigated the sugar content of some of our favourite beverages. 

We think that Yoga...
"Is really important for us to help calm us down!" 
"Peaces you out"
"Is great exercise!" 
"Makes your brain calm down and think"

A healthy drink choice is...
"Water because it has NO sugar"
"Milk and water because they've got less sugar"
"Not smoothies because they've got lots of sugar!"

We are trying our very best to be healthy happy learners!

TAT2 Yoga

TAT2 Tree Pose

TAT2 Rock your baby pose

TAT2 Stretching Yoga

TAT1 measuring out the sugar 

Water is the healthiest option with 0 teaspoons of sugar!